Guilty Reflections Movie

Guilty Reflections Movie

Guilty Reflections Movie

George Petterson represents the 'American dream.' A black business owner who's now beginning to reap the rewards of his ventures,thanks in part to his hard work, sacrifice and determination. George's success means an opportunity for upward mobility, and enables him to become a first time home owner. Being the only person of color in his new neighborhood, presents a major challenge for George. One night, George becomes the victim of a vicious hate crime, perpetrated by a group of young white males.

A passerby named Sam Johnson witnesses the assault but chooses not to help or call the police. The following morning as he passes by the spot of the attack, personal guilt begins to set in. However Sam's newfound self-reproach is just the beginning of a strange transformation!’ He starts to undergo a physical metamorphosis as well. It's only then that he realizes he has ‘become,' the man he watched savagely beaten barely 24 hours ago! This is a twist of fate, which will expose Sam to learn a harsh reality.


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