EXO Red Web Series

EXO Red Web Series


The new breed of criminal... brings a terrifying and ultra-high level of brutality, violence, and fear to communities across the country. The police? Some are helpless to combat them. Some... are corrupted. Others are just too burned out to care... self preservation is their only concern. Circumstances and an environment ripe for vigilantes, and at the top of that heap are Se7en, Chris, Bosley, Sexy Girl, Adonias, and Ladies Man. A group of individuals who refer to themselves as Exo-Red. While the police do a little "in-house cleaning..." Exo-Red does a little "in community cleaning." Taking on organized heavyweights like Gangs and Mafia. While being sure not to overlook petty thieves & criminals, drug dealers, rapists, serial killers, and other assorted lowlifes. Who while not as financially backed and well-armed. Still pose a threat to the community at large. Whereas most of their enemies live by the gun... Exo-Red's success is rooted in heavily precise teamwork and elite hand-to-hand combat and weapon skills. Making them just as if not more lethal, than their gun-toting nemeses.



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